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After 17 years Love Quilts is changing its mission.

We will collect the squares and make the quilts for the last 6 featured children with due dates from January 15 through March 1. 
LQ's new mission will be to use all the extra squares which have come in before and give away the blankets made from them.

If you are a parent of a sick child asking for one of these quilts please fill out the application form or write to Vicki at

A new group called LOVE QUILTS USA will be taking applications from families and featuring kids in the much the same manner that the original Love Quilts has done. Yes, they have named the group in honor of the original LQ and in the same manner as our many overseas Love Quilts groups. The ladies organizing the group will be familiar to you as they have worked for Love Quilts for many years. I recommend the new group to all stitchers . I hope it brings as much joy to both kids and stitchers as this group has done.

How will LQ distribute the extra quilts that are already made and to the squares not yet made into quilts? The quilts will be given to sick kids and the squares assembled and those quilts given away. Some will be given directly from this Love Quilts site and some will be given through other groups (like LoveQuiltsUSA) who have applications from children's families. Your work will all be used as originally intended. All will be posted at this site and on the LQ yahoo group so you will get to meet the kids who receive them. 

This web page will stay up for at least a year. I hope that you continue to visit.

In addition to the LoveQuilts USA group I also recommend the following charity stitching groups .... Quilts for Older Children ... Love Quilts UK ... Love Quilts Australia ... Love Quilts Brazil ... Canada Stitches ... World of Charity Stitching ... Cole's Quilts .... Quilts for Breast Cancer

Thank all of you for your support over the years and I hope that you continue to stitch for sick kids. Your friendship in this project has meant the world to me over the past 17 years and I will see you all at the new group, where I will be one of the many stitchers.


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